Health and Fitness


The Audio Video Specialists health collection starts with the ultimate way to relax –DreamWave™, the World’s Best Massage Chair™. One look and it’s clear that you have never seen anything quite like the Inada DreamWave Massage Chair. After just one session, you will feel how completely different and luxurious the DreamWave Massage Chair is compared to any other. As you slip into the DreamWave,you feel it envelop your entire body in comfort and repose. Then as the massage begins, you are transported through a massage experience that can only be described as transcendent. With over 1200 square inches of body coverage and over 1000 possible manual massage combinations you can target virtually any area of your body with pinpoint accuracy to relieve specific stiffness and pain points. Or you can immerse yourself in one of the 16 pre-programmed expert sessions that first scans your body and then delivers a fully customized massage.

Positive Posture

It’s easy to claim, but only the very best recliners actually offer a zero gravity position in the way they are designed and manufactured. Based on years of research and decades of expertise in ergonomic chair design, Positive Posture recliners offer the perfect zero gravity angle of recline, weight distribution, body support and personalized comfort that has earned the title of The Most Comfortable Furniture on Earth™