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Rarely has art and technology come together as beautifully as in Brett Donnelly Fine Art. You have access to his collection, previously available only in the most exclusive galleries. Brett Donnelly’s unusual techniques create images that are celebrated as both rare and significant. Brett is becoming one of America’s most exciting artists. Brett’s perspective on our visual world has allowed him to create timeless and unique images to share through his limited edition and original prints. Brett is also a leading expert in lighting design and technologies for commercial installations. His knowledge of lighting principles,the electromagnetic spectrum and the human eye has allowed him to forge a unique ability to capture the world’s great landscapes in a way unlike any other.


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No executive’s home is ever complete without a home office. Complete your technology package with ultimate high-luxury seating from Lifeform. Their office chairs are custom-built and hand-made using only the highest quality components. Under normal use, the investment in a Lifeform chair will pay dividends in comfort and health for many years to come. By adapting to every task and position, Lifeform chairs take on daily activities with comfort and style. Lifeform Chairs provide a full compliment of ergonomical features that ensure a custom fit for people of all sizes and postures. From the very first moment you sit in a Positive Posture True Zero Gravity™ recliner you’ll experience the relaxing, full-body support that makes this NASA-inspired chair so incredibly comfortable. With Positive Posture, you will enjoy a stylized, high-quality recliner with True Zero Gravity, along with a full range of other sublimely relaxing options.